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Application field:beddings
The products include: Anti-microbial, anti-virus, anti-dustmite, deodorant, antistatic, cooling, heat-generating, fragrance microcapsule, etc.

As a kind of textiles that contact people most closely in daily life, consumers' demand for bedding with unique functions is also rising day by day. Among them, bedding treated with anti-mite and anti-bacterial agents has gradually become the "just need" of this kind of textiles, and with the epidemic raging, bedding with anti-virus finishing has increasingly become the products favored by consumers because of its safety and reliability.

For consumers with developed sweat glands, especially in summer, after one night, sweat stains that is difficult to remove will always be left on the bed, and peculiar smell will easily occur on the pillow. Deodorization finishing effectively solves this pain point.

Other finishing such as antistatic, cooling which is usually used in summer, heat-generating which is usually used in autumn and in winter, certain tranquilizing effect and so on, are gradually entering the field of vision of mass consumers.

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