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Protective textiles

Application field: Protective equipment
The products: antibacterial, antiviral, anti-ultraviolet, anti-near-infrared, anti-mosquito, moisture absorption and quick drying, flame retardant, water-proof and so on.

With the continuous upgrading of protective products, the types of protective products are increasing gradually, and special protective products have been accompanied by our production and life. At present, more and more functional protective products have gradually entered the market, mainly including epidemic prevention protection, outdoor training protection, forest protection, oilfield protection and so on.

For example, epidemic prevention protective equipment: antiviral and antibacterial finishing; Flame retardant fire protection articles: functional finishing such as water splashing prevention, moisture absorption and quick drying; Outdoor combat clothing: heat-generating and warm-keeping, anti-mosquito, anti-ultraviolet finishing, etc. These similar functional products have been closely related to our daily production and life.

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