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Functional masterbatch

Application field: chemical fiber functional masterbatch
The products: anti-microbial, anti-mosquito, anti-mite, anti-bedbug, far infrared, negative ion masterbatch, etc.

With the continuous progress of modern science and technology, and with the gradual improvement of production equipment and materials, the functional technology of masterbatch is becoming more and more mature and extensive. Its functional production has many advantages, such as simple process, convenient use, durable performance, easy to realize production automation, improving labor productivity, avoiding environmental pollution, being beneficial to clean and civilized production of workers' health. The functional fibers can used to make clothing have special functions such as antibacterial, deodorant, mosquito-repelling, flame-retarding, antistatic and ultraviolet protection.

At present, the successfully developed functional fibers have been widely used in sportswear, casual wear, raincoats, underwear, towels, bath towels and many other aspects. For example, various types of protective clothing are functional clothing, which is mainly used to protect people working in various workplaces from physical, chemical and biological factors in the working environment.

In the future, more kinds of functional fibers will be developed, and all kinds of functions will be properly combined to meet people's different needs. It is believed that with the growing maturity and stability of functional fiber technology, the market demand will become larger and wider.

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