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Application: Non-woven fabrics/filter materials
The products: antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal, deodorizing, flame retardant, antistatic, negative ion finishing and so on.

In daily life, non-woven products have been widely used, such as medical protective clothing, air-conditioning filter materials, decorative wall covering, daily masks, wiping cloth, electrostatic adsorption membrane, sewage treatment membrane and other industries have applied a large number of non-woven materials, and people's awareness and utilization of non-woven fabrics are gradually improving.

With the upgrading and breakthrough of modern technology, the functionality of non-woven fabrics is increasing day by day. Non-woven fabrics with antibacterial, deodorant, mildew-proof, deodorant, flame-retarding, antistatic finishing ,etc. have been put into use in large quantities with their special functions. Many products have been produced, such as durable antibacterial/antiviral air-conditioning air filter membrane, flame-retarding/anti-fungal wall covering, antibacterial and antiviral protective clothing, skin care and moisturizing mask paper, etc. Through special finishing, the added value of products is improved, the sustainable utilization rate is increased, and more white pollution of the environment is reduced.

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