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Antibacterial acrylic fiber

Product Overview:

The antibacterial additives used in antibacterial acrylic fiber have good safety performance. By blending with acrylic fiber, the antibacterial additives evenly distributed in the fiber can slowly dissolve out to the surface of acrylic fiber, and even if the antibacterial additives dissolve, they cannot leave the parent acrylic fiber, so the antibacterial acrylic fiber has lasting washing resistance.

The fiber can be widely used in the field of medical care, such as compress, surgical clothes, cloth wrapping, masks and so on; In the field of life, it is mainly used for knitted underwear, socks, sportswear, bathing products, decorative fabrics and so on; The industrial field can be used for advertising cloth, tent cloth, filtering materials, etc..

Product characteristics:

Antibacterial additives are distributed in the fiber, which has durable antibacterial property and can effectively inhibit the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria;

Acrylic fiber itself has many advantages, such as microporous structure,which is conducive to the slow release of antibacterial additives, easy blending with other fibers and easy dyeing.

Product specifications:



Application method:

1. The antibacterial acrylic fiber in antibacterial acrylic fiber/cotton blended fabric can be dyed with cationic dyes according to the method of dyeing ordinary acrylic fiber, and the choice of dyes is determined according to the fastness requirement and staining performance;

2. To obtain uniform color for the blended fabrics of antibacterial acrylic fiber, cotton, polyester, etc., it is recommended to adopt "one bath and two steps dyeing", and dye acrylic fiber first.


When bleaching antibacterial acrylic fiber/cotton blended fabric, hydrogen peroxide is recommended, but hypochlorous acid is not used for bleaching, otherwise the antibacterial effect of antibacterial acrylic fiber will be weakened.


About 200 kg/pack; Or based on actual weight.


Store in a place away from light, dry and well ventilated;

It is forbidden to store in high temperature, open air or places with fire sources.



All the information given above is based on our knowledge and understanding of the product and is for reference only. Before using the product, please do a sample test to confirm whether the results meet your requirements. Because we can't predict or control the end use of the product, every user must operate and use the product safely. The true condition test and performance of the product are the responsibility of the end user, and the company will not bear any quality or patent disputes , nor will it bear any direct or indirect loss liability.

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