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Yakulun ®-anti-virus and anti-allergy multifunctional fiber

Product Overview:

Yakulun®-anti-virus and anti-allergy multifunctional fiber is a kind of copper ion modified fiber, in which copper ions exist stably with active groups in the fiber through chelating structure in the form of graft modification through chemical bonds; The fiber has many functions such as antiviral, antiallergic, antibacterial, deodorizing and antifungal

Specification index:

The appearance of Yakulun fiber is green. At present, the fiber specifications are as follows

Product characteristics:

1.Antiviral performance: Due to the inactivation ability of copper ions to viruses, Yakulun fiber and its blended yarn or fabric have good antiviral performance. After the third-party test, the antiviral performance of Yakulun fiber is as follows, which has obvious inactivation ability to H1N1 influenza virus, and the antiviral activity value is greater than or equal to 2. 0;



2. Anti-allergic performance: Because copper ions chelated in the fiber structure have a strong removal effect on various allergens, Yakulun fiber and its blended yarn or fabric also show good anti-allergic performance;

The test report is shown in the following figure:

 3. Deodorization performance: It can eliminate various odor gases such as ammonia, acetic acid, isovaleric acid and hydrogen sulfide, and has good deodorization performance; The test report is shown in the following figure:


4. Antibacterial performance and washing resistance: Under normal circumstances, when the content of Yakulun fiber in the final textile is 5-8%, it has good antibacterial performance and washing resistance; The test report is as follows:


5.Antifungal performance: It has obvious inhibitory effect on fungi causing beriberi and Aspergillus Niger causing mildew, so it has good antifungal performance; The test report is as follows:

6.Good moisture absorption performance: Yakulun fiber has high moisture regain (13-15%), which can improve the comfort of the final textile;

7.Good safety: After testing, it has no irritation to skin. The test report is as follows:


Product application:

1. Yakulun fiber has durable antiviral, antiallergic, antibacterial, antifungal, deodorizing and moisture absorption comfortable multifunctional properties, and can be widely used in towels, socks, underwear, bath products, medical masks, sportswear, automobile seat covers, home textiles and household products, etc.;

2. Yakulun fiber has good inhibitory effect on pathogenic fungi.



1. Yakulun fiber contains a lot of copper, so it is necessary to avoid contact with chemicals such as strong alkali, strong acid and strong oxidizability in the process of textile treatment;

2. Although the proportion of Yakulun fiber in fabric is small, it is still necessary to pay attention to the color influence of the green color of this fiber on fabric, and the color should be confirmed in advance before producing bulk goods.


About 200 kg/pack; Or based on actual weight.


Store in a place away from light, dry and well ventilated;

It is forbidden to store in high temperature, open air or places with fire sources.



All the information given above is based on our knowledge and understanding of the product and is for reference only. Before using the product, please do a sample test to confirm whether the results meet your requirements. Because we can't predict or control the end use of the product, every user must operate and use the product safely. The true condition test and performance of the product are the responsibility of the end user, and the company will not bear any quality or patent disputes , nor will it bear any direct or indirect loss liability.


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