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Anti-microbial viscose fiber

Product overview:

Antibacterial viscose fiber is a viscose fiber,in which manufacturing process,a safe broad-spectrum and effective antibacterial additive added. The antibacterial additive acts on the cell membrane of bacteria, hindering the absorption of amino acids, uracil and other nutrients necessary for the growth of bacteria, thus inhibiting the growth of bacteria. The fabric made of the fiber has good antibacterial performance, which can inhibit the excessive reproduction of harmful bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli contacting the fabric, is safe for skin and has good washing resistance.

The fiber can be used for conventional fabrics and is suitable for making underwear, socks and home textiles.

Product character:

1. The fabric has good washing fastness;

2. It has good antibacterial performance and washing resistance;

3. The appearance of antibacterial viscose fiber is the same as that of conventional fiber, and there is no color restriction when blended with conventional fiber.

Fiber specification:

Specification of antibacterial viscose fiber: 1.5 D*38mm, other specifications need to be specially customized.


1. It can be dyed together with general textile chemicals, but it is recommended to carry out small samples before use to determine the dyeing stability;

2. In order to obtain the best fabric finishing effect, the finishing and setting temperature of the fiber fabric is 130-150 ℃, and the highest temperature shall not exceed 180 ℃;

3. When treating yarns and fabrics, try to avoid bleaching with hydrogen peroxide.


About 200 kg/pack; Or based on actual weight.


Store in a place away from light, dry and well ventilated;

It is forbidden to store in high temperature, open air or places with fire sources.



All the information given above is based on our knowledge and understanding of the product and is for reference only. Before using the product, please do a sample test to confirm whether the results meet your requirements. Because we can't predict or control the end use of the product, every user must operate and use the product safely. The true condition test and performance of the product are the responsibility of the end user, and the company will not bear any quality or patent disputes , nor will it bear any direct or indirect loss liability.

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